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ZenCog on Repairs and Maintenance

How much will my repair cost?

While basic repairs can be simple to price, in most cases, we need to see your bike and learn about your problem and your goals before we can give an estimate on parts and repair time. Your riding habits and style, comfort threshold, customary terrain, quality and weight expectations, and of course your budget will all affect our recommendations.

If you don’t see the information you need on our service page, please call during business hours for a ballpark estimate and the best time to come in, or just bring your bike on over for a custom evaluation.

How long will my repair take?

We try to knock out basic tasks like flat repairs as they come in, but during busy times you may need to leave your bike with us for the day or overnight. More complex repairs or those involving uncommon components may take up to a week, and possibly longer if we need to order specialty items. We’ll give our best estimate of repair turnaround when you bring your bike in.

I brought my bike in for repair before I dropped off the planet for a year. Can I pick it up now?

Sorry, we donated it to Jax ReCycle. Our space is very limited, and we’re unable to store serviced bicycles forever. Please do your best to pick up your bike ASAP when we let you know it’s ready. If you’re unable to retrieve your bike within 48 hours of work completion, please contact the shop to make arrangements for its long-term storage and any associated expenses. Abandoned bikes will be sold to cover the service bill, or donated to Jax ReCycle, a volunteer organization that refurbishes used bikes for low-income individuals who need transportation for work.

ZenCog on Consignment and Used Bikes

Does ZenCog sell used bikes?

There’s nothing like the custom fit of a bicycle built just for you, but we usually have a small selection of used bikes, often from our customers who have upgraded to a new bike. Some are “vintage,” while some may be only a few seasons old and in like-new condition. Due to space limitations, we may or may not have a used bike that fits you and your needs at any given time, but our inventory is always changing!

Can I sell you my old bike?

We don’t buy used bikes, but at our discretion, we accept a very limited number of good-quality bikes on consignment. That means that if we have space for your bike, and we think it will sell quickly, we may agree to keep it on our sales floor for a limited time, at a mutually agreeable price. When it sells, you receive 60% of the selling price (minus any necessary repairs) and ZenCog retains 40% as sales commission. Our consignment policy allows us to give buyers confidence that they’re getting a quality bicycle in good condition. If you’re interested in consigning a bike, please contact the shop to make an appointment with Garf to discuss.

Consignment space is very limited and we can’t guarantee that we will accept your bike, or if we do, that it will sell. Unsold bikes should be collected as swiftly as possible. Bicycles left after repeated notices may be donated to Jax ReCycle, a volunteer organization that refurbishes used bikes for individuals who need transportation to get to work.

ZenCog on Motorized Bikes

Does ZenCog sell motorized bicycles?

Nope, at this time, we deal exclusively in zero-octane, 100% human-powered vehicles.

Okay, but can you fix the one I have?

Maybe, under certain circumstances. We aren’t equipped or insured to sell or service small engines/motors, including aftermarket pedal-to-motorized conversions of traditional bikes. Non-motor-related repairs are accepted on a case-by-case basis, but please note that you must completely remove any fuel-powered motor/engine, exhaust, fuel tank, and fuel lines from the bicycle frame prior to service, and they must not enter the shop at any time.

We sell many components and accessories that are useful for all bikes, including tires and tubes, lights, chains, spokes, wheels, seats, handlebars, cargo racks, and baskets, among other things. If you prefer not to remove your motor system, you may purchase parts from ZenCog and take them to a shop that does work on motors, or do repairs at home. Additionally, front wheels can usually be removed from the bicycle and accepted for service without requiring motor removal.

Why do I have to remove my bike’s engine?

We’re unable to allow motors in the shop for several reasons, including that our shop lacks appropriate HVAC facilities to accommodate motor fumes, our technicians are not trained in handling or servicing motors, and our insurance policy does not cover the types of flammable materials that are associated with motors. We also have neighbors upstairs who can smell our leftover pizza, and we don’t want to hear what they’d have to say about gas fumes.

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