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Work For Zen

Once in a blue moon, as ZenCog grows or staff moves on, we go on the hunt for fresh meat. If we have open positions, you’ll see them listed on this page.

Regardless of the position, personality is tantamount to your prospects to thrive at ZenCog. We’re looking for folks who love bikes, believe in bikes, want to spread the gospel of bikes, and share the bike love with everyone around. We need bike missionaries to bring people to bike heaven.

But geez, be cool about it. We want people who ride, but also who have community relationships and passable people skills. You have to relate to anyone who walks in the door, whether they’re looking for their first adult bicycle and think all bikes stop by pedaling backwards, or know exactly which hydraulic-brake carbon fat bike they want to order on the spot. If you don’t care, it’ll show. You don’t have to know everything, but if you’re not interested in learning, we’re not interested in teaching.

To apply for any open position, act like a grown up (even if you’re in high school). We want to see a résumé. It doesn’t have to be extensive, but it does have to show us why you think you have the experience, skills, and basic employability to work here. It needs to be free of obvious spelling or factual errors and organized in a way that makes sense, because we want to work with people who can interact with us and with our customers without offending or confusing anyone. Oh, and for pete’s sake, send it in a format that we can open on a Mac or a PC. PDF works great.

We also want to know your typical availability. How many shifts or hours per week will you be available? (And do those coincide with our hours of operation?)

How long do you expect to be able to work at ZenCog, if we find each other mutually agreeable? You don’t have to sign in blood! We’ve employed talented folks for just a season, when that’s all they could give us. Ideally, we’d like to talk to folks who are looking for consistent work for a year or longer.

Bonus: besides the basic job requirements, got any special skills? We’ve had mutually beneficial relationships with staff who have woodworking skills, IT/computer training, screen printing hookups, photography side-hustles, website management experience, and musical talents. Never know when we might put together an event or start a project that could use your weird expertise in Tuvan throat singing.

And finally, some of the nitty gritty: all positions are hourly, we don’t offer healthcare or a 401K, you DO get access to great employee discounts, we work with your availability within reason, and if you’re over 21 and a responsible drinker, we can almost guarantee that you’ll get a free beer or two along the way. We’ve got Otter Pops for the straight-edge among you.

Open Positions:

None at this time, but we’ll always accept a resume from an experienced bicycle mechanic.

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